Why is our Green Tea Healthy?

Life with our super Healthy Green Tea

Our green tea leaves are imported from Japan from a place named Kakegawa, Shizuoka.
Kakegawa is a famous high-quality production center for green tea.
Our Farmer in Kakegawa specializes in producing Deep Steamed Green Tea.

What is Deep Steamed Tea?

Deep Steamed Tea (深蒸煎茶) also known in Japanese as
        During processing, deep steamed tea is steamed longer than regular Sencha.
        Deep steaming causes tea leaves to lose their “leaf shape”. That makes this tea appear finer than others.
       The tea is good for health because it’s rich with Catechin which easily seeps through the tea and has a less astringent taste.
       Catechin is a type of polyphenol found in green tea which is a powerful antioxidant.

What makes Deep steamed tea so healthy?

Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene) > Moisturizes your skin and strengthens your respiratory and digestive organs.
Catechin (tannin) > It’s also known as tannin and it creates astringency. A type of natural phenol and powerful antioxidant.
Amino Acid > This makes tea delicious. Tea’s L-Theanine content is outstanding and helps the brain to work better.
Vitamin C > Water soluble. Eases fatigue and prevent colds. It also helps make skin fairer.
Vitamin B2 > Enhances body development.
Vitamin E > Anti-aging effects.
Flavonoid/mineral Flavonoid > prevents bad breath and contains mineral that makes metabolism active.
Caffeine > Refreshing effects.
Fluorine > The same ingredient you can find in toothpaste. It prevents tooth decay.

Faster Brewing Time Leads to Less Bitterness

Brewing a pot of deep steamed green tea is similar to other green teas, but with a few essential differences. To begin with, you’ll need a fine mesh strainer if your pot doesn’t have one already, due to the nature of the fragile deep-steamed leaves.
Our green tea products are all packed in Nylon Tea bags, easy for steeping and brewing.

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