Very responsive and helpful! I love the taste of 88th night green tea! will try the other Japan tea and let my friends try! Jan 5, 2018

great and responsive seller!! the tea are all very quality, seller got also provide many tips, information and suggestion. thanks! Nov 11, 2017

Responsive seller!! Double thumb up! Items received as described, nice quality & securely packed in bubble wrapped. Keep up ur good works!!! May 17, 2017

Thank you for the small gifts. I like this glass tea pot very much. Just nice for 4 persons and so much convenience to use. Jan 7, 2015

宁静的夜晚, 经过一天的疲劳轰炸是时候来杯薰衣草洋甘菊茶解压和洗涤心灵。Relaxation tea 配澳门钜记杏仁饼是什么味道呢? 谢谢朋友送来的花茶和茶叶。 洋甘菊的清香中和了薰衣草的烈味,因为不是人人能接受薰衣草的浓烈味道。这个茶的功效是能解压,镇静, 安神,助眠,明目和清热。 晚上喝这个茶也不怕睡不着。 如果你有压力或失眠的问题可以试下这个茶。 Dec 10, 2014

Thank you for the lovely tea pot and cups. Enjoying a rejuvenating cup of tea at home every morning. A bright start to the day. Sep 19, 2014