We source the tea from around of the world!
From the tea plantation to the tea in your cup, we know each of its process!
Let us introduce to you our tea plant source’s so you get to know us better
~ Green Tea ~
Tea type “0” oxidized without the fermentation process, many good components left in leaves. The most healthy drink in the world.
~ Oolong Tea ~
Is a type of tea that is semi-oxidized. Crafted from larger, mature leaves, they are allowed to oxidize between 10% to 80%.
~ Black Tea ~
Is a type of tea that is fully oxidized. Younger leaves are picked before being withered, rolled, fully oxidized, and fired.
Flower Herbs Tea
 Commonly  known as tisanes — are beverages made from the infusion
of herbs, flower, or other plant materials.

Japanese Green Tea

Our green tea leaves are imported from Japan from a place named Kakegawa, Shizuoka.
Kakegawa is famous for its high-quality green tea and has the best production center.
Our Farmer in Kakegawa specializes in producing Deep Steamed Green Tea.

Keemun Black Tea

Keemun in China is a place with great advantage for tea plantation. This core of origin place only produces black tea, from established a production base and made every effort to build an industrial supply chain integrating base, processing, R&D,  and distribution to ensure product quality. Every step of the tea all in one under one roof of farmer company, in order to produce the best of the best black tea for the world of mouth.

Taiwan Oolong Tea

用心种茶,  焙茶就是努力把茶做好.他每次会对我们说:  我们是农民, 没那么多商业想法.

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