We source the tea from around of the world!
From the tea plantation to the tea for your cup, we know each of it!
Let’s we introduce to you our source’s tea plant to you know us better
~ Green Tea ~
Type of tea “0” oxidized Without the fermentation process, many components left in leaves. The most of healthy drink in the world.
~ Oolong Tea ~
Type of tea semi-oxidized. Crafted from larger, mature leaves, they are allowed to oxidize between 10% to 80%.
~ Black Tea ~
Type of tea fully oxidized. Younger leaves are picked before being withered, rolled, fully oxidized, and fired.
Flower Herbs Tea
 Commonly called tisanes — are beverages made from the infusion
of herbs, flower, or other plant material.

Japanese Green Tea

Our green tea leaves imported from Japan where is the place name Kakegawa, Shizuoka in Japan.
Kakegawa is famous for the high quality best production center for green tea.
Our Farmer in Kakegawa specialty to produce Deep Steamed Green Tea.

Keemun Black Tea

Keemun in China is a place advantage for tea plantation.
This core of origin place only produces black tea, from established a production base and made every effort to build an industrial supply chain integrating base, processing, R&D,  and distribution to ensure product quality.
Every step of the tea all in one under one roof of farmer company, in order to produce best of the best black tea for the world of mouth.

Taiwan Oolong Tea

用心种茶,  焙茶就是努力把茶做好.他每次会对我们说:  我们是农民, 没那么多商业想法.

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We know the farmer!

We have known our farmer since 2014. We ensure that all the tea that we source come direct from the plantations itself. We have established a relationship with the Japanese tea farmers and have been visiting their tea plantations for more than 3 years, these tea lovers run the tea business as a family business


什么是抹茶? 抹茶源自绿茶磨成粉,被日本人发展成茶道。抹茶比一般的绿茶浓度高,大约半汤匙泡一杯水相等于摄取1公升的绿茶。这份浓度也比较难入口。 抹茶的功效比一般的绿茶更胜。一般喝的绿茶我们大约摄取30%茶叶成分,但绿茶粉包含儿茶素,维生素和矿物质 都比较容易浓入水里,所以能更完整喝入茶叶的成分,绝对是个健康饮品。 抹茶不禁令人想起繁琐的步骤还需要茶宪。在传统的日式茶道, 抹茶茶道需要茶宪,完整的茶道仪式,但近年日本开发了简单和好喝的方式冲抹茶。 ************************** 一杯抹茶相等于10杯绿茶 ***************************** 如何轻松喝到抹茶? 抹茶拿铁(牛奶) 1.一杯牛奶加热 2.加入半茶匙的抹茶粉然后搅拌 3.加入少许蜜糖,味道会更好 抹茶,豆奶和麦片 1.准备好麦片 2.加入适量的豆奶(原味豆奶比较适合) 3.加入半茶匙的抹茶粉然后搅拌 4.加入少许蜜糖,味道会更好 抹茶,牛奶加酸奶 1. 一杯冷或温室牛奶 2. 加入三大汤匙的原味酸奶 3. 加入半茶匙的抹茶粉然后使用 搅拌机帮助搅拌 4. 加入少许蜜糖,味道会更好