Healthy & Beauty Premix Flower Herbs Tea (Raya Themed Box)

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A truly Healthy Gift for someone


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For the Raya Celebration, we believe that what you need is a special gift for yourself or for someone.

For this box, you will find the premix is a formula for immune boots your body.

What’s inside the box:

Immune Boots Premix Herbs Flower Tea x 10pcs

(Ingredient: Rose Buds, Lemongrass and Roselle)

Beauty Blast Premix Herbs Flower Tea x 10 pcs

(Ingredient: Rose Buds, Jasmine and Apple Flower)

Gift Box wrapping and Card Raya

Step for the Brewing?

  1. Put one sachet to filter teapot or teacup

  2. Pour over hot water

  3. Wait for 2-3 minute, it’s ready to drink

  4. Suggest not to add sugar may add honey for the sweetness

  • Pure and Natural ingredient
  • No any additive or coloring
  • Premium selecting source
  • Aroma of the floral scent

The many health benefits of rose tea, when rose mix with which is Roselle contains one of the highest content of Vitamin C and blend with lemongrass. this combined total to help you enhance the Body Immune system. Stay healthy with natural!


As we know Apple flower is a benefit for the skin problem, when it’s combined with Rose and Jasmine, you will feel the power for your lovely skin. Start from natural

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