Go Za Bi Oolong Tea 早味乌龙茶


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  • Organic cultivation land
  • Authentic Taiwan Oolong Tea
  • From Nice farmer
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Taiwan Oolong tea nowadays making method follow to green tea step, this makes the loss of real oolong tea that has some of special flavor and taste. Our selected tea farmer with his family and several friends, after several years of trying to do and at finally use modern tea machine combined with the old-style process, in order to come out traditional oolong tea’s taste.
As long as you drink this tea, you will be deeply out of the hearts of the kind of inexplicable feeling, which is hidden in the hearts of the ancient taste!
No bitter no astringent, do not hurt your stomach, very different tea for enjoyment!
Drink once to ensure that you miss the ancient taste of oolong tea the same time as Early taste means that, according to the early process of tea products, with the early tradition of Dong Ding tea flavor.

Tea Taste: The tea taste is special fragrant, ripe fruit taste and Mellow sweet, sweet and smooth in the throat.

Fermentation degree: 30%, Roasted degree of 45%
Roasted degree: Strong aroma, mellow sweet, medium rare

Brewing method:
Take one tea spoon tea leaves to your teacup, pour over hot water and wait for few minutes.

Content: 100g

Additional information

Weight 0.2 g

Net 100g

Origin Place

Nantau, Taiwan


Avoid humid place and high temperature


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