BULK Pure Pink Rose 500g 粉玫瑰

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  • 纯材料
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  • 香气芬芳
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Why Pure Pink Rose (粉玫瑰)?

Taste:  wonderful aroma and naturally sweet.

Benefit: Menstrual pain, skin, acne and hair benefits, immune system boots, improve digestion, stress and anxiety, urinary tract, weight loss

Mix and match recipe:

  • Rose+Lemongrass+Roselle
  • Jasmine+Rose+Apple Flower

How to prepare?

A teaspoon of Pink rose in a teacup and pour in boiling water. Steep for 10mins.

Net weight: 500g

Packaging: Zip bag

Shelf life: 16months

Product Origin: Iran

Additional information

Weight 0.5 g



Food grade zipper bag

Best Before

16month from order date


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