CNY Good Year Good Tea

3 Types of Keemun Black Tea packed in one Crafted Paper Box. This is the perfect gift for your clients, partners, family, and friends!

Easy to carry during delivery, a variety of tea in a box, makes the receiver feel appreciated.

Keemun Black average tea taste is sweets like honey floral, without much bitter taste to it.

What’s in the box:

Premium Keemun Black Tea 100g, Curly Keemun Black Tea 100g, Kung Fu Keemun Black Tea 100g, Tea Canister x  1 & deco crafted paper box

礼盒包括:毛峰红茶 100g, 功夫红茶100g, 香螺红茶100g, 茶罐一个, 及年味礼盒。 

6 Type of Japanese Green Tea packed in one Crafted Paper Box.

This is the perfect gift for your clients, business partners, family, and friends! Featured with our Super Tea – 88th Night Green Tea, this is our Japanese premium Tea. Gift this to make them feel special, so they can sip on this while having a relaxing day.

Huat ah!

What’s in the box: 88th Night Japanese Green Tea (Tea bag for 1-pot) x 1 pack, Japanese Roasted Green Tea Hojicha (10g), Japanese Green Tea for Everyday (10g), Kakegawa Japanese Green Tea (10g), Japanese Brown Rice Green Tea (10g), Japanese Autumn Green Tea (10g)

礼盒包含:八十八夜绿茶(茶袋15个), 掛川绿茶(10g), 每日饮绿茶(10g),玄米茶(10g),烘焙茶(10g),秋番茶 (10g)

6 Type of Taiwan Oolong Tea packed in one Crafted Paper Box.
Oolong tea collection, for those always finding something different tea flavor.
Inclusive the premium high mountain tea from Taiwan, you will taste and feel the super
tea taste smooth and aroma. These tasty and healthy tea gift box can’t be resisted by the tea lover.
Send one or more to your client and they will love you more for the new year 2019.
What’s in the box:
Jin Xuan Oolong Tea (100g), Gaba Oolong Tea (10g), Osmanthus Oolong Tea (10g), Go Za Bi Oolong Tea (10g), Premium Alishan Oolong Tea (10g), Pure Oolong Tea (10g)