About the farmer

We know our farmer!

We have known our farmer since 2014. We ensure that all the tea that we source comes directly from the plantation itself.

We have established a relationship with the Japanese tea farmers and have been visiting their tea plantations for more than 3 years, these tea lovers run the tea business as a family business for 3 generations.

They are amazing because they are using traditional methods in the tea making process. They retain the Old Method for fried tea till the end process. Therefore, the tea retains its good taste and is different from modern tea. We really appreciate the visits to the Japan tea plantation, as we are able to learn more about the entire tea process till the end of it all, with a perfect cup of tea.

Direct Production from Tea Plant
We carefully select high-quality tea leaves from tea farmers, then select a good tea factory for further processing to final packaging.

We import them from Taiwan and ensure that the entire process is compliant till end shipping to customers.

We only import good things, as we know the tea source very well.

We work similarly like Taiwan Tea, we know the farmer in charge of the tea processing who is very concerned about the soil and earth, hence they produce organic tea. We know their mission is adhering with ours.

With us, be assured you can experience the best tea brought to you by the best tea farmers. This is why Fulleaf tea store offers you a unique tea experience.

Journey with us and awaken your senses with our variety of tea today.














他们是單純的台灣烏龍茶的專業店,经营的是自然農法,完全不用農藥與化學物質的茶園. 用心种茶,  焙茶就是努力把茶做好.他每次会对我们说:  我们是农民, 没那么多商业想法. 这就是我们亲爱的供应商