Fulleaf's Brand story!

Fulleaf's Brand story!

Fulleaf’s Brand story!


Malaysia Artisan Taste Online Tea Store
A totally brand new taste that you have not experienced before

Started by myself, nicknamed Cheylie who is a tea lover and spend lots of time on tea every day.

The Main Story

We strong of tea knowledge and proudly to say we know the tea farmer.
From the learn and know, we make you no worry about the tea source.

A total brand new taste with an idea we do extra for you. Delivery to your doorstep tea and couldn’t need to spend the time to shop on any grocery.

Why do we call as artisan tea? At least 100 cups of the tea type we drink before we started to let it on board. The packaging is handcrafted with every single of care.


Have you seen Cheylie before? If yes,

you will know how much she loves tea

and how much she loves Fulleaf.

Believe that Love is everything

We know the farmer!

2018 We visit our tea farmer family,

tea plant and tea factory
We’ve learned a lot about the tea

cultivation and tea making process

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The 100% you will feel the


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